Chat between:


Mike Monday [OM / Simple :: London]


Sacha Robotti [Robosonic / Berlin Kreuzberg Institut :: Berlin]

2009-06-18 00:22:23.

sacha: 23:38:08


sacha: 23:38:11

u ready ?

Mike Monday: 23:38:27

I'm here

sacha: 23:38:39

ok i'll call u now

sacha: 23:38:59

oops can u try calling me

Mike Monday: 23:39:03

actually my connection is really slow tonight can we do it over chat?

sacha: 23:39:15

ah ok

Mike Monday: 23:39:25

I tried voice call earlier and it was impossible

sacha: 23:39:31

aaaah ok lets do it over chat then

Mike Monday: 23:39:57

yes usually my connection is super fast but big problems tonight

sacha: 23:40:03

no worries :) i'll try and keep it short then

Mike Monday: 23:40:23

ok - no problem! :)

sacha: 23:40:37

Soooo ...

what drew you into music? i read that you studied music in oxford, graduated there in ’94 ?

was there a certain moment in your life that made you obsessed with music ?

Mike Monday: 23:41:53

I started playing hte piano at age 7, then bassoon at age 11, voice age 13, then saxophone age 15..

so music has been my life since I can remember.

there really was no other choice for uni, although I did think about philosophy at one point

sacha: 23:42:52

music & philosophy fit well together. you lived in a musical family?

Mike Monday: 23:42:43

no, no musical parents.. although they used to play a lot of music on record, my mum classical - tchakovsky, Mozart, beethoven, mahler

- and my dad classical indian music - mainly tagore songs and poems. but they had no training, I'm the first musician on either side, ever as far as I know..

sacha: 23:43:59

cool.. already at an early age, it got pretty eclectic in your family huh

Mike Monday: 23:44:09


sacha: 23:44:13

:) great stuff.. you play & record instrtuments when you produceing electronic music?

Mike Monday: 23:45:12

I do now, although this is a fairly recent development. I found it hard since the explosion in music made completely within the computer to sound different and apart from all the average stuff.

so I decided to start using my instruments and stuff outside of the computer to give my stuff a unoque sound, I don't know how many house djs play the bassoon and saxophone for instance! :-)

sacha: 23:46:31

haha yeah.. i know no electronic music dj playing the bassoon ;)

- i remember in miami, i asked you about your music at some point, and you said you only now have the feeling, that you are developing your sound as you want it, without thinking about "genre" and"conventions" - like, you said it got "weirder" or something

Mike Monday: 23:48:29

Yes I have been trying to make music which only I could make! I think this is the biggest challenge for any artist, or at least an artist with any integrity

sacha: 23:48:52

ya definitely.. i read an interview with you in resident advisor, you were saying you are trying to get away from sounding "like this and that", using samples creatively, using programmes for production creatively and in order not to sound "like a programme" (for instance, ableton... )

Mike Monday: 23:50:33

yes - its really important for me to make the music sound like me and not like Ableton / Logic / Reason or whatever.

That doesn't mean that you can't use some of the effects that are well known to good effect (ie like the Ableton stretching or beart repeat or the Logic Space Designer), but

by allowing yourself or learning to use as many tools as possible you can combine them and use them selectively in each situation to create something new out of a familiar effect or sound.

And obviously the live instrumentation is an extension of that...

sacha: 23:53:21

cool..! good answer...

Mike Monday: 23:53:24

Great - I'm not completely wasting my time then! :-)

sacha: 23:53:30

haha nah youre just fine ;)

what was your , lets say, "first" break as a dj / producer? what was the moment, when you started to do it professionally?

Mike Monday: 23:54:04

Erm - as a DJ I guess it was when I did some warm up gigs for a long running weekly Progressive House night in London called Whoop!

sacha: 23:54:30

cool.. and as a producer?

Mike Monday: 23:54:36

As a producer the first thing I did got released, which was a track I did with Andy Cato from Groove Armada - we were in a band together at Uni and then lived in London together and he bought a sampler and synth etc and we did a tune together which was then released on his label Skinny Malinky, and I was hooked!

sacha: 23:54:51

haha, that was it, bam mike monday. --> btw. why "mike monday" ? is it an abbreviation of your last name?

Mike Monday: 23:56:19

Well - sort of. My last name is Mukhopadhyay, which has quite a lot of similar letters...

Mike Monday is also easy to remember.

I often foget my own name you see... ;-)

sacha: 23:57:16

hehe, my surname is "Robotti" – you can imagine that I got the piss taken quite a lot in school ;)

Mike Monday: 23:57:55

Bloody great name for a techno/house dj/producer though!!!

sacha: 23:58:23

thanks :) now just need a "hit" so people know the name ...and the struggle continues !! ;)

Mike Monday: 23:58:43

Same here - but you know, it’s all about the struggle!

Without the struggle we are nothing :-)

sacha: 00:00:59

speaking about the struggle, what would you advise to a young producer who wants to survive or make it as a producer ?

Mike Monday: 00:03:42

Try and set yourself apart from the crowd, the scene needs more people who try to do that.

And don't worry too much about the ups and downs, I'm rarely at my creative best when I'm supposedly "hot"with the press.

And just keep on struggling - the more you struggle the better you will be

sacha: 00:04:28

WORD!!! :)

Mike Monday: 00:04:33


sacha: 00:05:11

cool... think we got all we need... oh one more thing, whats your favourite mike monday track? the one you are proudest of?

 (i guess mine is "i am plankton.. both the original and the club dub ;) )

Mike Monday: 00:06:23

Excellent! I'm sooooo glad you like that one - it is one of my favourites - but I prefer the original.

So other than that one, a favourite club tune: What Day Is It?

sacha: 00:07:13

haha.. ITS MONDAY!

Mike Monday: 00:07:29

yes! indeed it is... :)

...a favourite album tune: Bad Wind (With A Touch Of Acid)

sacha: 00:07:31


- any hot new stuff of yours coming out soon, which we should watch out for?

Mike Monday: 00:09:07

I have a track on the Systematic 5 years release called "TR Love" that Marc Romboy commissioned especially - its my tribute to Roland drum machines (quite geeky I know - but then I am a complete nerd)

But I've mostly been working on my new live set this year, which is a big headache because

Mike Monday: 00:10:48

I'm playing live Electronic Wind Instrument / Drum Pad / Synthesizer and live looping them through a hardware looper all synced to a 909.

sacha: 00:11:08

oh boy.. like a one man band !

Mike Monday: 00:11:29

Its REALLY hard technically, both inb terms of the machines not going wring and playing accurately, so I'm practising a lot every day

sacha: 00:11:45

....when is it ready?

Mike Monday: 00:12:43

I've already done it twice, once in Denmark and once for iTunes at the Mac store in Miami, so I guess its ready now, but its very much a work in progress and guess it will be for the rest of my life...

sacha: 00:13:39

woohoo cant wait til you sport it in berlin !

Mike Monday: 00:14:12

Yes - neither can I! Hopefully by then it'll be good enough for The Germans! ;-)

sacha: 00:14:04

do you have a last philosphical shoutout you want to make, before we let you continue practising your live act? ;)

Mike Monday: 00:14:39

Let me think about that one - give me a few minutes...

Mike Monday: 00:18:32

...I don't have the words, so let me steal someone elses: "It's not where you take things from - it's where you take them to."' Jean Luc-Godard

sacha: 00:18:53

sweet :)

thank you man...

lovely mix by the way!

Mike Monday: 00:19:59

Thanks very much mate - sorry we couldn't have a real chat! I was quite pleased with the mix, I was lucky and just pressed record and did it in one take without any working out!

sacha: 00:20:23

awesome! one take wonder !

Mike Monday: 00:20:52

...Highly unusual but wonderful when it happens, and often the best mixes...

Anyway - stay in touch, I'd love to hear your tunes at some point

sacha: 00:20:47

cheers... yes i will send you some stuff over...

have a productive and nonetheless relaxed week!

Mike Monday: 00:21:58

and you mate - its been a pleasure! see ya!

sacha: 00:22:04