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BKI-19 :: Mo’s Ferry Special

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1. Dapayk (live)
[Mo's Ferry :: Berlin]

2. Marcel Knopf (dj set)
[Mo's Ferry :: Berlin]

3. Marcel Knopf (interview)

Welcome, Dapayk !

Over the course of time, Niklas Worgt has used his share of project names.
His most well-known would have to be Dapayk.
Since 1993 Niklas has crafted his own tracks. Cuts with Drum & Bass and Breakbeat sport the same difference as Pumpin’ Techno and Techhouse. As the Drum & Bass live act “Frauds in White” he started to make a name for himself on the barely developed breakbeat scene of middle Germany in the mid-90’s. As “Sonstware” he held residence at parties and stepped into the late 90’s under his Dapayk moniker. There were a few years however between then and 2001 when he released his first record. From that release, his Dapayk AKA was taken as the cornerstone for his various projects under the label name Mo’s Ferry Productions, a label for ‘Rocking Frickel Sound’ - which he founded together with his school friend Jan Langhammer.

In cooperation with his wife Eva Padberg there came the project Dapayk & Padberg. After the first single was released in 2005, a first album was released reaching the years top-10 charts of the magazines Groove, De-bug and Raveline as well as bringing Niklas a Top-10 spot in the producer charts. His sound can be charachterized as “Prickling” displays the art of balancing electronic music’s Minimal, Electronica and Breakbeat forms.

Dapayk’s Soloalbum was released in 2006, a second Dapayk&Padberg Album followed in 2007. Both longplayers got much respect from the press and the dancefloors. They also received the “Style Award – Best Domestic Performer” by German music mag “Musikexpress”.
To diversify the labelsound, Niklas and Jan founded the Mo’s Ferry daughter labels Fenou and Rrygular as the playgrounds for electronica and minimal techno respectively. In addition to his work as Dapayk, Niklas releases techno tracks as “Marek Bois” on Trapez and Rrygular since the beginning of 2006.
Besides releasing on his own labels, Dapayk has released on labels such as Karloff, Textone, Orac, Contexterrior, Trapez, Resopal and Friends of Tomorrow.

Dapayk’s 10 year anniversary is coming up in 2010. You can expect the release of a new album with incredible remixes as well as a live tour.


Dapayk @ MySpace



Welcome, Marcel Knopf !

The Daft Punk Album of 1997 changed the view for electronic music of many people, so it did for Marcel Knopf. He became frenetic with collecting vinyl with the aim to stand behind the counter one day: Together with Matt John (Perlon) he founded the record store “Sine Music” in Nordhausen, in 2000. Their tiny, pretty but illegal parties in the basement of the store were a breeding ground of Minimal in Thuringia, an part of Germany which was lacking that kind of music. Those parties also contributed to Marcel Knopf becoming resident DJ of the club “Alte Weberei” – his DJ sets cover a wide range of music and reflect his preferences for Dub, House, Broken Beats and experimental Techno.

“Sine Music” was a meeting place for DJs and offered musical alternatives. It was just a matter of time until the Mo’s Ferry label guys Dapayk and Jan Langhammer were to meet him. This led to Marcel taking over A&R of the label Mo’s Ferry Prod, as well as starting to become involved in producing himself.
Since 2002 Marcel Knopf works together with Dapayk on own tracks. “Holpergeist EP” was the beginning of experimental club releases, adding a special sound to the label.

“Sine Music” opened a subsidiary in Berlin – but unfortunately went bankrupt in the digital revolution, which meant sinking sales figures for vinyl. Nonetheless, Marcel moved back to his native city Berlin, where he continued to work for Mo’s Ferry.
In 2006, he compiled and mixed the “bits to phono” compilation, featuring tracks from netlabels only – in contrast to that, his love for vinyl grew stronger and he limited himself to DJing solely with vinyl.
12” releases like “Lloyd/Narain”, “Thinkaboutyou”, “Plomosis” followed on the sub label Rrygular.
After a long absence from Mo’s Ferry, Marcel comes back in July 2009 with a vinyl single, a teaser for his upcoming album “Dusty Dance”, which is available in stores since autumn 2009.


Marcel Knopf @ MySpace



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