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BKI-07 :: P.Toile, Till Von Sein

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1. Robosonic (dj mix)

2. P.Toile (dj mix)
[Clique / Channel Rec / Mothership :: Berlin]

3. Till Von Sein (dj mix)
[Morris Audio / Trenton / Dirt Crew :: Berlin]

4. P.Toile (interview)

5. Till Von Sein (interview)

Welcome, P.Toile !

Claudia Marquardt aka P.toile is a Berlin-based DJ and Producer, very active and respected on the local scene, as well as to an international panorama thanks to the quality of her productions. Immersed in music, she also runs the infamous booking agency Clique Bookings in Berlin.

In 1993 P.toile was introduced to electronic music and short after she opened her own record store Startbeat in her hometown Kiel in Northern Germany. Fuelled by her love for music, she started DJing and organizing events on a regular basis: her first own event series „Groove Complex“ gave P.toile the chance to train her DJ skills, playing alongside international DJs in front of big crowds. This was an important experience to get her name out there, to a national and international circuit.

In 2001 moved to Paris and started to work for the record Distributer Discograph and as a promoter for a club-bar in the heart of Paris, the Lizard Lounge.

There she met Reynold, who was already promoting French electronic music artists through his party Minimal Dancin” and later his freshly founded record label Trenton.

In 2005 P.toile moved to Berlin. Her work with Trenton started to grow, with a repertoire of international artists from Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Poland, Russia and the USA. At that point she founded Clique Bookings.

Soon her heart was led to a more surprising destination, the troubled Lebanon, and more precisely Beirut, where she was regularly DJing. Together with the Beirut-based DJ Jade (owner of the The Basement club) P.toile created a series of Red Cross Charity-Events called „To Beirut“.

Some of the clubs hosting this special event had been Berlin’s Watergate, Paris’ Rex Club and London’s The Key, among others. „To Beirut” has also seen support by artists like Craig Richards, Tiefschwarz, DJ Hell, Mr. C, M.A.N.D.Y., Oliver Koletzki, Ewan Pearson, Tobi Neumann and others.

Through the years her sound developed from French house to minimal techno, while her main influences and roots – funk and soul of the seventies – can still be heard in her DJ sets.

P.toile’s releases on Trenton, Drehstrom, Gold & Liebe, Channels Recordings and Mothership are addressed to a more mature and music-conscious audience: her productions range from down-tempo to up-lifting minimal techno and airy emotional house, always spiced up with funk. Her Trenton debut „Sticklip EP“ with remixes of pan/tone (Sid LeRock) and Frank Martiniq immediately reached the top 50 of Groove Magazine.

Currently she is working with her production partner Tigerskin on some new releases. Coming up next are an EP on Channels Recordings in the fall 2008, a remix in cooperation with Tigerskin for the Dubai Label Fantasize, and beginning of 2009 her first release on the German label Ostwind Ltd. Also, P.toile is working on a follow up for Claude von Stroke’s label Mothership in 2009. Good things are coming your way..


P.Toile @ MySpace



Welcome, Till Von Sein !

Despite his young age and his life-story filled with all sorts of different activities, Till von Sein has been involved into music for a while. He spent his youth on a skateboard, rapping in several bands and combos and was totally into Hip Hop culture before he started to DJ at the age of 21.

As a rapper he made himself a name in the Northern parts of Germany and managed to perform at bigger shows with some of the well known people from that scene at that time. Not entirely satisfied with it, Till started to focus more into DJing, which soon became his true love! Standing on stage by himself and playing music as opposed to rapping his own verses seemed for him to be the only and real way to express himself. Not limited to a single style, Till Von Sein’s DJ sets have built himself the reputation of a true music lover: while spinning the wheels of steel, he likes to play some straight techno / house records, occasionally dropping some rap classics or even a rock tune in a middle.
Till started to produce music in 2003. In 2005 he teamed up with his homie Aera who he knew for more than 10 years from their skateboarding and Hip Hop days. They released their very first record called “Angel of the A7” on the label Trenton Records in May 2006, followed by a track on the Various Trenton 015 called “ANCSs”. The team put out a EP on the same label in February 2007 with a massive John Tejada RMX. This first release revealed Till and Aera’s musical genre as a mix in between funky house and old school Detroit music with a touch of tech house electro. Right after this first 12” they receive DJ support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Luciano, Dirt Crew, M.A.N.D.Y., Funk D’Void or Sasse, all of them reacting enthusiastically to hear such of a funky groove in those dry minimal days.
Eventually, Till von Sein also started to produce on his own and released some fine 12″ in 2007 on the French label Bodytalk, the Swiss Imprint Morris Audio and Morris Audio City Sport and the German label Organic Domain, run by Dub Taylor aka Tigerskin. Feedback from guys like Loco Dice, Jimpster, Ripperton etc. was enormous! And still there is more to come…


Till Von Sein @ MySpace


Download BKI-07 Webflyer