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BKI-09 :: Christian Martin, J.Phlip

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1. Robosonic (dj mix)

2. Christian Martin (dj mix)
[Dirtybird / Anabatic:: San Francisco]

3. J.Phlip (dj mix)
[Dirtybird :: San Francisco]

Welcome, Christian Martin !

Christian Martin’s love affair with electronic music began in 1995, as an early attendee at Southern California’s legendary Moontribe full moon desert parties. After absorbing late 90’s club life in New York, London, and Los Angeles, Christian settled in San Francisco in the spring of 2000. He started playing records in 2002 under the tutelage of his brother, Justin Martin, armed with a stack of Justin’s old vinyl and used Technics 1200’s from Sammy D.
In 2003, inspired by the massive desert soundsystems of old, Christian founded the Dirtybird Soundsystem. Along with co-founders Justin Martin, Worthy, and Claude VonStroke, Dirtybird’s Sunday afternoon BBQ’s have quickly become a Golden Gate Park institution.

2006 saw the release of collaborations with Justin Martin (”The Martin Brothers EP”, Dirtybird) and Claude Vonstroke (”Peanut Butter Jelly Time EP,” Undefeated Records).

Along with Christian’s residency at Dirtybird’s monthly club nights in SF and New York, he’s been busy in the studio, polishing multiple remixes and originals: in 2008, two more collaborations, “Dum” by the Martin Brothers and “Groundhog Day” with Claude VonStroke were released on Dirtybird. Furthermore, Christian released his track “Elephant Fight” on Anabatic with Worthy & Justin Martin remixes.

2009 looks to be busier than ever for Christian as he helps shape the future of Dirtybird’s unique sound and fully focus on his DJ / producer activities.

Be sure to not miss Christian’s afternoon coffee set at the Fusion Festival 2009!


Christian Martin @ MySpace



Welcome, J.Phlip !

J.Phlip, known to most as Jess or Jessica Rose Phillippe, was completely ruined when she discovered house music in her hometown of Champaign, IL just 2 hours south of Chicago. This location might help describe the how or why behind this unique genre bending blend that Phlip brings to the dancefloor.

Perhaps it was the proximity to Chicago that let house music make its influence, but the distance that allowed her the freedom to eventually welcome other sounds into her mix. Her sets posses this fun lets-not-forget-this-is-dance-music feeling and simultaneously keeps you guessing as to what might come next. Her collection spans house, tech house, deep house, techno, random bleeps, and special bloops. In 2005 she won ‘Beauty and the Beats’, a national DJ competition help by BPM magazine, that lead to a tour with DJ Rap, Colette, and Reid Speed. Since then she has made a name for herself as a DJ in Chicago and now as DJ / Producer in San Francisco.

On her first release for Dirtybird Records end of 2008, “J” has created a track that is both intricate and massive. A wall of devastating bass anchors Rumble Rumble’s assault, bolstered by an effervescent rhythmic net of popcorn snaps, soda cans popping open, and seductive whispers and giggles at the very edge of audibility.

Jessica has been a pivotal part of Chicago’s electronic music community for many years and has since secured a residency at San Francisco’s infamous Endup nightclub that is notoriously know for non-stop never-ending parties.


J.Phlip @ MySpace



Download BKI-09 Webflyer