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BKI-10 :: Basti Grub, Kaiserdisco

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1. Robosonic (dj mix)

2. Basti Grub (dj mix)
[Höhenregler / Geregelt :: Frankfurt]

3. Kaiserdisco (dj mix)
[MBF / Micro.Fon :: Hamburg]

Welcome, Basti Grub !

Born in March 1983,  Sebastian Grub aka Basti Grub lived in a quiet village near Frankfurt. He had a  sheltered upbringing with his parents and grandparents. Already in his early childhood he knew that he was different than other kids: while his mates were playing in the sandpit, Basti put on headphones, turned knobs & pushed buttons on his dad’s stereo. His dad was into reggae music, which influenced lil’ Basti.

At the age of 14 he dreamed to own a Roland MC 303. As his lovely family was granting him nearly every wish, he got the 303 and started spending day and night to try and convert his thoughts into sounds.

At the age of 15 Basti started having fun on techno parties in the scene of Frankfurt and Kassel. In clubs like Omen, Stammheim, MTW and later also the Robert Johnson Basti got heaps of inspiration. He bought his first turntables and started spinning and spinning…

…In 2005 Basti founded “Electronic Headache / Massive Frequenzen” with his friend Billy and started some parties in the Wetterau area. Both party series became hugely popular, filling clubs like studio 54 or Club Fifty. As he couldn’t get enough of music, Basti started produceing his own tracks.

His friend, idol and teacher Brian Sanhaji helped Basti to get deep into the production. He started experimenting and found his own mixture of groovy, minimal techno and african sounds, which make his music unique and unmistakable.

In 2007 Basti founded his own label Höhenregler and a short time later released his first vinyl (höhe 01), which he was distributing by himself. The “Höhenregler Label Night” parties he threw at club Fifty became more and more popular, featuring acts like Pierre, Marky, Bine, Brian Sanhaji and others.

With his second release (höhe 02) Basti realised that it is too hard to distribute everything by himself – so he got a distribution deal with Discomania.

Meanwhile he has some releases on his own labels but also on others, like Bar 25, Merkesdir, International Freakshow, Suona. Basti doesn’t think being a producer and a DJ is a daily “job”, he’s rather feeling it as a way of life, an attitude which he wishes to share with others. This is how he’d like to spread his sound out into the world…

The tracks you are hearing in this month’s BKI show are all made & performed by Basti Grub, released on his own labels – in anticipation of his new album.


Basti Grub @ MySpace



Welcome, Kaiserdisco !

The friendly boys from Hamburg, Frederic Berger and Patrick Buck, got to know each other in the context of their respective projects Nudisco and Kaiser Souzai for the label Hi Freaks in Patrick’s studio. After finding tons of things they have in common, the boys couldn’t wait to work with each other.

Frederic had already celebrated several successes as part of Nudisco, and this also held true for Patrick as a member of the Kaiser Souzai crew. As they connected, it wasn’t long before their new project emerged – Kaiserdisco. Their first production was a remix for Phunklarique on Yellow Tail. Originally produced just for fun, it turned into a hit just three days after its release, shooting to No. 2 on the Beatport Minimal charts and remaining there for over a month…

…which of course attracted the attention of others. Remix inquiries followed, and Kaiserdisco easily lost their baby teeth in 2008 after only 6 months together: re-interpretations of Extrawelt, Ji-Fi and Access Denied, all of them in the charts for weeks, established their reputations as excellent remixers.
Soon after, the first Kaiserdisco solo single saw the light on Micro.fon.
Furthermore, a booking deal withBerlin’s Kiddaz.fm gang, supervised by DJ Emerson and Holgi Star, will allow Frederic and Patrick to rock some of the finest Techno Clubs.

2009 will see more of Kaiserdisco: in February, the Cologne-based label MBF released their EP “Pipe!”, followed by remixes for Holgi Star, Christian Fischer and many more.
Also, follow-up releases on MBF and on Micro.fon are currently being produced…!

The Kaiserdisco set featured in this month’s BKI is a live cut from the “9 Years Kiddaz.fm – Spread the Groove Tour”, recorded at Tresor Club (Berlin) on 07. February 2009.


Kaiserdisco @ MySpace



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