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BKI-11 :: Idiotproof, Luke Solomon

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1. Robosonic (dj mix)

2. Idiotproof (dj mix)
[Made To Play / Southern Fried :: UK]

3. Luke Solomon (dj mix)
[Rekids / Classic / Music for Freaks :: UK]

Welcome, Idiotproof !

There’s a rumble in the underground – coming out, swinging like a charging bear to bring the noise. It’s the sound of sleep deprivation, three days on the rack, the buzzing in your ear and the twisted, wonky triple vision as you fight your way to the bar once again.

Born of a love all things weird, wired and wonderful, Idiotproof is the three headed, freakshow baby, born of many long nights of chemical abandonment. A lover of heavy beats, twisting basslines and mutilated soft toys, this freak of nature will jack you on the dancefloor as well as, possibly, bite your leg off.

Idiotproof is the combined force of three notorious international playboys – one of them being Sir Jamie Anderson, that’s for sure. Idiotproof have reached into the deepest heart of rave and have emerged from the black strobe light with a chrome plated, low slung, bass driven conception of house music for the twenty-first century. Genre defining singles for Jesse Rose’s Made to Play label have delivered shockwaves throughout the globe and remixes for Armand Van Helden, X-Press 2, Rolloʼs (Faithless) new All Thieves project, Sam Sparro and the Audio Bullys have resulted in dance floor annihilation for guns big and small.

You have been warned. Thank you.


Idiotproof @ MySpace



Welcome, Luke Solomon !

Luke Solomon has had a successful career spanning almost 17 years. He has worked his way up through the ranks gaining recognition from all different fields of electronica and dance. Starting in the early 90’s he went from record shop attended to securing a job at Freetown Records working with artists such as Felix the Housecat, Masters at Work, Jamie Principle and Marshall Jefferson. He then went on to work with Roger Sanchez at Narcotic in the mid 90’s.

This led to his long lasting friendship and partnership with Derrick Carter and the setting up of their legendary label, Classic. Through all of this Luke has retained a successful production career with partner Justin Harris, as Freaks, and as a recently established solo artist, recording for Radioslave’s Rekids Label amongst others.

Back in 1994 Luke began working in various studios alongside dance music veterans Rob Mello and Ty Holden.  Learning from the ground up he initially sat in on sessions and threw ideas around whilst his peers did all the hard work. Over the first few years Luke worked in different studios on different systems using a whole range of outboard and analogue equipment. During this time he remixed Ashley Beedle’s Black Sunshine Orchestra and recorded for the seminal deep house label Prescription Underground.

15 years later and Luke has around 150 original productions under his built which include four Freaks albums and two solo albums plus around 200 remixes of music ranging from Mood to Swing, Matthew Herbert to  Kasabian, the Archie Bronson Outfit and a little Duran Duran thrown in along the way.

This brings us to present day.  Luke has been working on his third solo album and a whole stack of new Freaks material after riding on the wave of a top 10 hit with “The Creeps” (International DJ Gigolo). In turn this has opened new doors for Luke, having just finished co – producing Damian Lazarus’s solo album with Penguin Cafe Orchestra’s Arthur Jeffes, cementing Luke’s ambition to become a full time producer.

Luke has continued to work on various platforms using his years of experience as A & R coupled with his technical studio knowledge to allow him to put his stamp on other peoples music. We at BKI are honoured to have Luke spin some tunes for us!



Luke Solomon @ MySpace



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