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BKI-14 :: Hipp-E, Mike Monday

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1. Hipp-E (dj mix)
[Nightshift :: Denver]

2. Mike Monday (dj mix)
[OM / Simple :: London]

Welcome, Hipp-E !

Sean Williams aka Worthy grew up around Washington DC in the early days of Deep Dish, Scott Henry and the early American rave scene. In the late 90’s after moving to New York City, he met good friend Justin Martin (eventually becoming flatmates for long years ;) ) and was exposed to the sounds of people like LTJ Bukem, Stacey Pullen and Sasha. These artists greatly influenced his early ear while the expanding dance music scene encouraged him to play records of all genres: from hip hop to breaks to techno and drum ‘n’ bass.

In 2001 Worthy moved to San Francisco. He set up his studio and began producing house and techno music and DJing around the city. He later conspired with Christian Martin, Justin Martin and Claude VonStroke to co-create a fresh take on outdoor parties, rightly named Dirtybird. The Dirtybird parties have quickly become an institution for San Francisco die-hards and a destination for international travelers.

2006 brought the launch of Worthy’s label, Anabatic Records. Originally intended as an outlet for the release of his own music, Anabatic soon branched out to take on new artists. The label has been providing a steady stream of high quality tech house and has been gaining the praises of top DJs and Producers around the globe for its edgy groovy sound.

In 2007 Worthy broke out as a producer with his release of “Irst_Te?” on Dirtybird, the “Crack El” EP on Leftroom, and the “Bass Quake” and “Mummer” EPs on Anabatic. As well as doing remixes for Curfew, OM, Utensil, and Tentigo Records. In 2008 Worthy released his underground hit “Work The Walls” and its accompanying music video has given fans a glimpse into the la la land of his mind. He followed this up with his “Madcap” EP and remixes on Lot49, Fresh Meat, and of course Anabatic. Worthy’s music production has been showing up on DJ charts across the world and has been played by everyone from Carl Cox to Sven Vath to Ben Watt.

With no signs of slowing down in 2009, IDJ Magazine called Worthy one to watch in the new year. This year he has already released the “Swing Chord” EP on Trapez Ltd, and has teamed up with label mate Yankee Zulu to release the “Bad Side” EP and the “BS Connection” EP on Playtime records, as well as their summer smasher “Concumbia” on Anabatic. With plenty more remixes and originals on the way and the continued growth of his label, Worthy is set to continue getting everyone working the walls!


Hipp-E @ MySpace

Hipp-E @ RA

Hipp-E @ Discogs


Welcome, Mike Monday !

Official Bio:

It’s been a great last two years for Mike Monday. Long tipped as one of Europe’s most upand-coming producers, in 2005 Monday’s profile exploded with a run of killer productions – experimental, jackin’, and flat-out weird but with both feet on the dancefloor and a real oldschool spirit.

And now? Sasha to Steve Bug, Mylo to MANDY, David Duriez to Freestyle Man, Josh Wink to Pete Tong – from the big names to the deepest underground, everyone’s playing Mike Monday’s records…

The press loves his music as well:

He’s “one of the 100 reasons dance music still rules”IDJ.
He’s “one of the main players of 2006”DJ mag.
He’s “the remixers’ remixer”Mixmag.

And there’s more praise as well for Playtime, the label on which he’s the star act – it’s “the label of the moment” (One Week to Live) and “one of the best labels to come out of 2005” (IDJ).

That’s why 2006 has seen a continuation of Monday’s heady rise. Gigs wordwide from Russia to Australia to the US to everywhere in Europe – and such a high profile in Paris that he plays there more often than most local DJs. Rave reviews for tracks and remixes on European labels like Simple, Freerange, Dirt Crew and Hi-Phen – and of course more tracks on Playtime in preparation for release of his debut artist album, “Smorgasbord” (out September 2006).

The album is a statement about where Monday is at today – one foot in house, one foot in electronica, and a finger in every pie as well. “I wanted,” Monday says, “to make an album – something you could listen to from beginning to end. Too many producers just throw together a collection of their old dance tracks”. So “Smorgasbord” takes in a huge spectrum of electronic music – from Big Chill-style sunset electronica to the funk fuelled rhythm, booty shakin’ basslines and self-effacing sense of humour in the productions for which he first became known.

In Monday’s view, there’s no confusion at all between these disparate genres. He refuses to be boxed into one specific style of dance music. He’s always held that approach, dating his ‘Mondayisms’ from early influences. “I was never a rock or indie kid at school”, he says.

“While my mates were shoe gazing with Morrissey and The Cure, I was shaking my butt to anything from Pfunk to Prince. When I first moved to London in the early 90s, I played saxophone in various funk and jazz bands, including Beat Foundation with Andy Cato from Groove Armada”, he says. “London was a real melting pot then, a really vibrant and exciting time for electronic music. I got hooked on house pretty quickly because it had such a real sense of possibility. Nearly every month a new sound would appear. And there weren’t any strict stylistic boundaries – just great records.”

Now that approach continues at his residency at Playtime, the London club from which the label has sprung. “Playtime is a throwback to the best days of acid house”, Monday says. “It’s the last really mixed night left in London – gay, straight, men, women, geeks, fashionistas – whatever! That’s important to us because it’s the kind of testbed you need for new music: a club where people really care what they hear – but where they want to hear something new. That’s what house music should be. It’s got to be fresh, new, so exciting you can’t help dance to it…”


Mike Monday @ MySpace

Mike Monday official



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