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BKI-16 :: Aka Aka, Deo & Z-Man

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1. Aka Aka (dj mix)
[Stil Vor Talent / Pentagonik :: Berlin]

2. Deo & Z-Man (live set)
[Fundamentschallplatten / Acker :: Hamburg]

3. Deo & Z-Man (interview)

Welcome, Aka Aka !

Cotumo & The Ascent met behind the decks in spring 2008 at one of those special openair parties in Berlin which start as a gathering for friends and turn into a park-rave of thousand euphoric people.

Cotumo has been establishing his reputation as a well known local matador in Berlin since 2004 with his DJ-sets at Clubs like the WMF, Arena or Ritter Butzke, and many festivals in and around Berlin. He has also spun records at parties in London, Wales, Turin, Graz, Zurich and Moscow and broadcasted mixes on stations like Deepmix.ru, Proton Radio, RTS.FM and many more. Since 2008 Cotumo has intensified his passion for produceing his own music. His first solo production ‘Underkill EP’ appeared in May 2009 on 3rd Wave Music.

The Ascent
acquired his skills as a DJ and producer in the North of Germany and moved to Berlin in early 2008. He looks back at a busy discography: he has won remix contests hosted by D.Diggler and Carl Cox and has released solo productions, as well as collaborations with Christian Fischer on Definition Records and Whirlpoolsex.

Currently, the solo artists Cotumo & The Ascent focus their energy on a collaboration: Aka Aka.
Under contract with Oliver Koletzki’s label Stil Vor Talent, their debut “Voegeln EP” was released in March 2009. Supported by the likes of Dubfire, Claude VonStroke and Troy Pierce, their track “Woody Woodpecker” hopped into the Beatport Main Charts within three days and stayed there for weeks.

Besides their busy release plan, Aka Aka play live and as DJs in Berlin clubs like Rechenzentrum, Maria, Watergate, Arena Club and Dice. In summer 2009 their funky minimal sound got them gigs in Zürich, Madrid, Moscow, Turin and more German cities.

Watch out for “non-conform minimal and techhouse influenced by swing, jazz, balkan, funk and other funny but danceable music” on the new-born label Burlesque Musique (founded by Aka Aka in August 2009).


Aka Aka @ MySpace



Welcome, Deo & Z-Man (Mafiosibros) !


Als die anderen Kinder das Laufen lernten, fingen die apokalyptischen Deutsch-Italiener Amedeo & Daniel Malagia aka. Deo & Z-Man direkt mit ihrem geschwisterlichen Flow an und haben eben diesen seit ihrem abgeschlossenem Grundschulstudium in Jahrhundertsessions im Studiokeller und vor schwitzenden katholischen Abiturientinnen perfektioniert.
Betrieben mit einem Elektrorastermikrofon und einer 8000 Volt Blockbatterie, vermögen sie selbst unter extremen Witterungen und Geisteszuständen Tracks aus der Festplatte zu schnitzen, die einem Almöhi die Tränen in die verzottelten Augen treten lassen. Auch bei achtfacher Gravitation und spezialverstärkter Pappe im Kopf, legen Sie die Platten nicht nur auf, sie machen Cocktails daraus. All dies und noch mehr spiegelt sich geradezu überdeutlich in ihren bitlastigen und hitaffinen Superhits wider und selbst wenn jetzt viele aufschreien mögen:

“Halt! Ist göttliche Grandezza in Zeiten des allgemeinen Makulaturdiktats nicht allerstrengstens verboten?”,
können wir nur sagen:

Deo & Z-Man haben unter anderem auf folgenden Labels released: 3rd Wave Music (Album tba!), Manual Music, Forza, Paloma Records, Fundament Schallplatten. Solltet Ihr die Gelegenheit bekommen, die Brüder LIVE oder an den Plattentellern hören zu können, dann nehmt die Gelegenheit wahr! Wenn Ihr in Hamburg seid, besucht sie in einer ihrer Homebases, z.B. an einem “Rave Dienstag” im Golden Pudel, oder im Hafenklang. Bo!


Whilst other kids learned walking, the apocalyptic Germano-Italian brothers Amedeo & Daniel Malagia aka. Deo & Z-Man started creating their wicked flow. This was brought to perfection since they graduated from basic education studies in century-sessions at the basement studios, as well as performing gigs in front of nice perspiring catholic highschool graduates. Neither extreme atmospheric conditions nor acute schizophrenic moods can’t stop the Mafiosibros producing tracks by using an electric raster microphone combined with an 8000 Voltage battery. Without exaggeration, these tunes bring tears to an Almöhi’s eyes. Even with eight fold gravitation and special reinforced cardboard in their head, these two DJs create cocktails out of their vinyl. All this and even more is definitely reflected in their bit-cell sounds which are also handled as mega-hits in their home country.

When you scream out now: “Stop! Isn’t godlike grandeur in times of generic maculation dictatorship strictly forbidden?” Then we just say: “What???”

(As the Artists put it themselves: “The English press release makes even less sense than the German version!”)

Deo & Z-Man have released on (among others): 3rd Wave Music (Album tba!), Manual Music, Forza, Paloma Records, Fundament Schallplatten. Make sure you catch the brothers when they perform LIVE or on the decks in a club or on a festival near you. If you find yourself in Hamburg, go and see them play in one of their homebases Golden Pudel (”Rave Tuesday”) or Hafenklang. Bo!


Deo & Z-Man (Mafiosibros) @ MySpace


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