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BKI-05 :: Shir Khan, Juho Kahilainen

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1. Robosonic (dj mix)

2. Shir Khan (dj mix)
[Exploited :: Berlin]

3. Juho Kahilainen (dj mix)
[Prologue / BPitch :: Helsinki]

4. Shir Khan (interview)

5. Juho Kahilainen (interview)

Welcome, Shir Khan !

The question „what does Shir Khan spin?“ is like asking „what is a DJ?“, because that’s what Shir Khan aka Jan Simon Spielberger is first of all a DJ. A DJ who does not bound himself by styles but uses his extended knowledge to rock the crowd at any given moment. Didn’t Laurent Garnier drop Led Zeppelin in a techno-set, or Tiefschwarz blend in Grandmaster Flash with house? And not to forget teams like 2 Many Djs, Glimmers or Optimo, often mentioned in the same sentence as Mr. Khan.

Shir Khan, the DJ, describes his sound as “a mix full of Post Cash Pop, Disco-Rock, Aristocratic Booty Beats, Glitch, Eurocrunk, Hiptronica, Favela Funk, Mash-ups, Jackin House, Cheap Electronics&Pre-Madonna”.

Shir Khan, the producer, came a long way since masterminding Berlins Bastard Pop – revolution with his series of 12inch records (Broken Bootlegs), which he released together with Schall (Robosonic) and DJ Gaucho. The infamous bootleg Mastermix-CD “Copyright Candies” (Exploited/Kompakt) could be regarded as the kick-off for his career.

Right now, Shir Khan must be one of the busiest DJs in Berlin.
His diverse and eclectic sets full of pleasure and entertainment connected him to a wide range of events and promoters worldwide recognizing his unique talent. He played on the bill with the Simian Mobile Disco, Digitalism, Justice, Bondo Do Role, Riot in Belgium, Yuksek, Peaches, Zoot Woman, Luke Vibert, Whomadewho, Klaxons and many others.

After the critically acclaimed release of his double-mix CD SHIR KHAN – MAXIMIZE! in mid-2007, Shir Khan has been busy touring Australia, Brazil (as support for LCD Soundsystem), Canada (as support für Mstrkrft), US (SXSW-Festival), UK, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Ukraine etc., hitting top venues such as Fabric in London, I Love Neon in Montreal, Melt! Festival and Transmediale in Germany, and Elektronika Festival in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
His remix for Bondo Do Role (out on Domino) has received great airplay by all the top cats in the DJ game. Furthermore, he did remixes for Ben Mono (Compost), Monosurround (Citizen), Larry Tee (Ultra), Act Yo Age (Sweat it ou!), Gameboy / Gamegirl (Sweat it out!), Holy Hail (Acth Recordigs), Purple Crush (Crushed Records), Princess Superstar (Central Station), The Jai-Alai-Savant (City Slang).

His very own label Exploited Records, with a “CI” that references to Pop-covers from the past and mashes them up, showcasts artists such as Adam Sky, Siriusmo, Malente&Dex and remix appearances by, among others, Riva Starr, Tacteel, the Crookers, Tomboy, Yuksek and Modeselektor.

In Berlin he has been throwing parties under the name of Berlin Battery, which is also a Blog he runs with 2 friends. Shir Khan also hosts his own weekly FM radioshow on Radio Fritz (every tuesday CET 20.00-22.00), with guests from Oliver $ to Munk or Busy P

If you are confused about all the above named artists, references, places and influences, don’t worry: you have the opportunity to get an insight into one of the facets of Shir Khans spinning style on BKI today… and if that’s not enough, and if your ears & bootie are calling for more dancefloor fun, come and see the man doing his thing live on the decks.



Shir Khan @ MySpace


Welcome, Juho Kahilainen !

This month, Juho Kahilainen graces us with his presence on this month’s BKI session. To promote his 2-tracker deep techno vinyl release (or rather, “Depressive Trance” vinyl release, as he’s jokingly calling his style “anti-climatic” atmospheric tracks filled with tension and warmth, combined with chrystal clear analogue sounds reminiscing of the snowclad landscapes in Northern Finland) coming up on Diskomafia soon, he did a DJ mix on 2 decks + 1 CD player for us. “I thought the feeling of the mix is right”, he pointed out.

Juho, who we met through our friend Jan Hertz from the Hamburg-based band .Computer.., is quite a character. We just HAD to take the biography he had written himself (and which he is also going public with) 1:1 cause we had rarely seen one like this before. Modesty? Wittiness? Strong opinions? Maybe all of these apply to Juho. But probably it’s more about him having fun making depressive trance. We love it.

Juho Kahilainen has been pushing tracks for a long time. He played his first gig in 1997 and to be honest, not much has happened after that. The bastard might have been lucky to release some shots on BPitch Control, Initial Cuts, Frozen North Recordings, Prologue Music and Diskomafia, but he is still doing the same stuff he did that time. We might ask him why he is still here? Normal people understand to stop when there is no progress.

Juho is a stubborn individual. As a musician his ‘career’ might have been an anti-climax with a lot of effort and not much achievements, but is there something else he could do? The poor bugger is not much of an athlete. You couldn’t imagine him as a model either. Let’s face the facts: he is good enough to be a DJ. Juho’s problem is that he wants to be a bit more than that. He believes that making music will take him somewhere. So far it hasn’t happened. Some people think it never will.

Do not feel sorry for him. It is possible that he even wrote this piece-of-shit text himself. He has chosen to live this way. Juho draws his inspiration from melacholy, depression and anxiety. The future is something to fear. It might be that this kind of self-pity and pathetic dystopian visions feed him as an artist. What a loser.”



Juho Kahilainen @ MySpace


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