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BKI-23 :: Jamie Anderson, Dave Angel, Antonio Olivieri

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1. Jamie Anderson (dj mix)
[Artform / Cocoon / Rekids :: UK]

2. Dave Angel (dj mix)
[Rotation / Niah / Jericho :: UK]

3. Antonio Olivieri (live)
[LustundFreude / LYHU / Celestial :: Berlin]

Welcome, Jamie Anderson !

There are few electronic music lovers that haven’t already heard Jamie Anderson’s work. He has proved himself as a long-term force to be reckoned within the dance music scene, not only through his own broad spectrum of production talents across the colours of dance music but also from his exceptionally high quality DJ and live performances around the globe.

Jamie first made his name internationally in the early 90’s and quickly became a recognised pioneer of the UK Tech-House scene. Coming from a strong musical background growing up around musicians in West London and training in improvisation and keyboards with Bristol based Jazz aficionado Dave Buxton, Jamie set up Artform Studios where he engineers and produces the majority of his work and collaborations.

“Jamie perfectly combines the grooving subtleties of house with the twisted funk of techno.” DJ Magazine

Now with a countless number of releases Jamie has delivered classic recordings such as:
Jamie Anderson & Jesse Rose ‘Body Jackin feat Steve Silk Hurley’ (International Deejay Gigolos), Jamie Anderson ‘Black Sun’ (NRK) and Jamie Anderson ‘Time Is Now’ (NRK).
While producing numerous Tech-House gems including:
Deepgroove & Jamie Anderson’s ‘Turbo/Juggernaut’ (Cocoon) and Clock (Rekids), Jamie Anderson feat K-Alexi ‘Cyclone’ (Mija Recordings) and Jamie Anderson ‘Can’t Stop’ (Artform) to name just a few.

His groundbreaking debut album was released in 2001; Jamie Anderson ‘Blue Music’ (NRK), and recent collaboration album with Deepgroove ‘13Machines’ (Harthouse).

“…elevating the sound of what Detroit was all about. He’s taken it to another level…” Derrick May

Additionally Jamie can be found producing under various pseudonyms with other artists lining up to work and be part of his productions and collaborations.  He has joined forces to work on studio projects with artists such as Jesse Rose, Owain K, Jerome, Louis Osbourne, Deepgroove and Switch. Jamie is also the co-producer for the successful Idiotproof project signed to Jesse Rose’s Made to Play label. Remixes for Nick Holder, Riva Starr, Armand Van Helden, X-Press 2, Michel De Hey, The Hacker, Paolo Mojo, Francois Dubois, Onionz and Audio Bullys have expanded his appeal as an in-demand producer.

“Jamie Anderson has carved out a reputation as a producer able to mould techno and house grooves into a sound very much of his own.” DJ Magazine (2001)

As a DJ and Live act, his legendary performances at Berlin’s Panorama Bar, Dance Valley Festival in Amsterdam, Zouk in Singapore, Love Parade San Francisco, Cocoon and System in Leeds along with tours of Asia, USA, Europe and South America have all contributed towards establishing his strong fan-base. Having never allowed himself to be pigeon-holed or categorised, instead he looks forward to create new sounds rather than follow trends. For this reason alone is why Jamie is one of the world’s most exciting and innovative artists.

“…one of the UK’s best at surfing the techno / house hinterland in style.” DMC Update

The last two years have seen Jamie Anderson release on some of the world’s most influential labels:
Sven Väth’s Cocoon, Jesse Rose’s Front Room & Made to Play, Alter Ego’s Klang Elektronik, Radio Slave’s Rekids, Louis Osbourne’s Mija Recordings and Ireland’s finest house label Elevation Recordings. This year he re-launched his Artform label with new Artist signings and fresh re-design and now co-runs Amsterdam’s legendary Outland Records with an exciting release schedule. A new artist album is in progress and more outstanding music is set for release in the coming months – Jamie is very much the artist to look out for in 2010.


Jamie Anderson @ MySpace

Jamie Anderson Official



Welcome, Dave Angel !

Born in Chelsea, London, the son of a Jazz musician, Dave Angel’s first musical instrument (appropriately) was a drum at the noisy age of eight. Not one for conforming, even at the early age, Angel spent little time in school, preferring truancy to chemistry and the music room to the classroom.

1988 and the explosion of acid house in London and the rest of the country seemed to be the major break for Angel, who at the time was pioneering this unbelievable new sound on radio Phaze One, a well known pirate radio station in the capital. The technological explosion which was to rock pre-conceived musical conceptions established the young DJ who found himself proclaimed as one of the “major techno talents in Britain”. (Echoes March 1992).

DJing formed a natural progression into the recording process and two weeks recording at home with two basic turntables and two tape decks and a child Casio keyboard (yes a child’s!!) in 1989 bore the fruits of his first musical excursion ~ a remix of The Eurhythmics “Sweet Dreams” ~ somewhat controversial but eminently successful. Angel’s reworking of the track created such a massive buzz in the clubs that RCA were forced to officially release the track and incredibly it charted and climbed to No 23 in the UK National Charts first time round.

Since this initial success Dave has not lost his drive to create music which continues to be regarded as some of the bravest and influential dance music this country produces. Heavily influenced by the Detroit sound he has subsequently released singles and EPs of astonishing quality for Polydor/Love, OuterRythum, Fnac, Island, R+S , Outrage and Apollo imprints, all of which have sold well and received a barrage of critical acclaim. Dave was also solely responsible for the classic “Seas Of Tranquillity” EP which was hailed as a landmark release by the Techno intelligence. Notable remixes include work for such luminaries as Orbital, Sun Electric, Carl Cox, Robert Armani, Juan Atkins, Spooky, James, Fourhero, Roni Size and Underworld… and the list goes on and on…

Dave Angel signed up with Island Records with the releases such as “In Flight Entertainment” and “Handle with Care” EPs. 1995 saw the release of Daves debut album “Tales of the Unexpected” which was voted No 5 in the 1995 album chart. Angel concocted an album which will stand the test of time, a Major criticism of Techno in 1995. Again where Techno went wrong in 1995, “heaven certainly sent an Angel”. (The Guardian newspaper 1995). Dave released further remixes of tracks from the album, “Timeless” and “Rudiments” were club hits, the album also contained the track “Fever” which whenever played set the dance floors on fire.

Dave released his second album “Globetrotting” for Island Records. Singles such as “Disco” were remixed by the likes of Ian Pooley and the Wax Doctor.
After three long years Dave parted company with Island Records and started to concentrate more on his own label, Rotation Records, with releases such as “Insights” being voted “single of the month” (mixmag) and also his debut on Jericho Records with an EP called “Excursions” being also voted “single of the month” (wax).

1998 saw the release of “39 flavours of Tech Funk” , a mix compilation on React Records which received rave reviews from across the globe. ‘Dave Angel has been at the forefront of Techno for nearly a decade’ (Upfront Mag 98). Also being voted one of the best mix CDs of 1998, bringing in more DJ work for the ever busy Mr Angel.
Dave released another cracking EP on Rotation called “The Knockout EP” which again was voted single of the month (Mixmag July 99).

Going into 2000, Dave releases the second in the Knockout series “The Knockout EP / The Rematch” going head to head with Jamie Anderson. Yet again the EP gets a “single of the week” (NME Oct 2000).

2001 saw the launch of the internet trust the dj.com which Dave as one of their artists signed an exclusive internet deal. Starting of with “DA01″, a mix compilation, getting rave reviews and also bringing in new fans to already respected fan base. “Pure Joy from start to finish”. (Time Out)

Moving into 2010, Dave is putting the finishing touches to his third album which will be released through ELP, Germany, featuring tracks with Jazz legends Roy Ayers and George Clinton as well as compiling a Rotation Classics album and working on various remixes and tracks. Dave still finds time to DJ around the world, spreading his sound…

“Prolific in his writing and DJing, Dave Angel has become and surely will continue to be one of the freshest and innovative musicians on the dance music scene. He continues to keep his music on the cutting edge.” (NME)

“Dave Angel is one of lifes gents, universally respected by everyone who’s had the pleasure of his company. And as ever he’s still in demand as one of the dance scenes best loved DJs.” (Future Music)


Dave Angel @ MySpace



Welcome, Antonio Olivieri !

Antonio Olivieri, born in Italy, is a passionate music lover. Like an already heard story, it all began thanks to his parents who made him study classical guitar for 12 years. Apart from this “guided entry” into the music world, Antonio soon enjoyed the taste of exploring music in an independent way, slowly leaving the classical repertoire for a more genuine and even immature take on autonomous composing.

DJ-ing and producing tracks have been stimulating his aesthetics in both directions, which aided him to appear on 3 records at an early age on the Italian major label Saifam Group. This proved to be a too ‘mainstream oriented’ climate in the end for Antonio.

Tired of the Italian music scene and the social and political situation, Antonio left Italy to study in Munich. In 2008, he moved to Berlin, leaving lots of things behind him and trying to find his peace in a more rational and pleasant German society.

Fulfilling his philological view of the music business and the music itself, Antonio is exclusively performing live sets… a purist approach to the genre, this turns into a groovy and melodic live set which Antonio can freely manage in all of its parts and its arrangement for a more genuine live-feeling.

2010 sees Antonio busy with releases on various labels featuring his typical groovy and melodic style. A symbol of his personal and somehow funny view of music is certainly “Together E.P.” on the German label LustundFreu.de. As he states, his live set is currently becoming “a more dancefloor oriented walk through”funk, tech-house and love aiming at reaching a tasty mix of solid grooves and melody sequences”…


Antonio Olivieri @ MySpace

Antonio Olivieri @ Resident Advisor



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