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BKI ltd :: Oslo

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1. Ray Okpara
(dj set)

2. Federico Molinari
(dj set)

3. Damian Schwartz
(dj set)

Welcome, Oslo Records !

Label run by Federico Molinari and Nekes releasing music which straddles the line between house and techno.”

Berlin Kreuzberg Institut is honoured to present you three exclusive DJ sets by Oslo artists Ray Okpara, Federico Molinari and Damián Schwartz.
Check and enjoy the Oslo Back Catalogue!

Oslo Records @ RA

Oslo Records @ Discogs


Welcome, Ray Okpara!

Ray Okpara
– an artist the roots of whom lie half in Nigeria represents today for what we understand as House: percussions, drifty hypnotic beats, with a touch of soul and if the atmosphere allows marvellously deep.

While earlier in time he connected more to hip-hop, funk and soul, the encounter with his long-time friend Johnny D. and their joint wanderings through night-life awoke his strong interest in electronic music. Impressed by the different styles, he took his first tries on the turntables with Johnny‘s UK Garage plates.

Driven by the fascination and love for music Ray and Johnny began with the first joint event, the RAJO party, which thrilled the audience throughout the Rhein-Neckar Delta. In 2001, Nick Curly became part of RAJO – Crew, which then formed the residency in the Loft.
Another strong influence in Ray’s life was his time in Mannheim-Jungbusch. Influenced heavily by the electronic motion Ray brought his technoid side into his sets, without drastically disconnecting from his origins. Here also ideas for further projects were created with his friends, Federico, Nekes Johnny, such as the ZOO-CLUB (2004 – 2005), as well as other parties that enthused fans. Ray never lost the contact with his crowd at home, therefore it is no surprise that the sympathetic Vodka-Tonic lover has now returned to the squares-city of Mannheim after 4 years in Berlin.

In order to gather new impressions and to develop musically and in life, back in 2005 he moved to Berlin, a city with a lot of potential for him. Here first experiences in the direction of his own productions were accomplished. Separate tracks or remixes for Johnny D. on OSLO & 8Bit, and for Italoboyz on Get Physical prepared him slowly for the first solo EP „Fumnaya“ on Lomidhigh Lmtd. Further releases on
Arearemote and Drumpoet followed, as well as music on Cecille. His EP “Brother‘s” is a Must-Have from OSLO Records.

In his performances as a DJ, Ray knows how to bring the crowd to ecstasy with his dynamic and positive appearance and one enjoys being swept along by the musical flow with loops & effects.
He is currently also preparing for his first live act, working on further remixes and looking for new ideas. Keep an eye out for him!


Ray Okpara @ RA


Welcome, Federico Molinari !

Federico Molinari
from Buenos Aires, Argentina is an exponent of fine and qualitative house music in all their imaginable facets.

Living in Frankfurt in the meantime, he is located at the source for good sounds close to stores like Freebase (one of the most popular record shops in Germany), where he can live out his passion for digging crates of fine vinyl which he will build into his flowing DJ sets. Federico is a resident at Time Warp, one of Europe‘s biggest indoor venus, playing with the big names of the scene like Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Steve Bug, etc.
Federico also runs his own label Oslo Records with excellent sound material of other talented artists and himself.

In the near future you can expect some well-known acts on Oslo since Federico is a rare character coming from a background of fine and famous exponents of electronic music.


Federico Molinari @ RA


Welcome, Damián Schwartz !

Damián Schwartz
is an electronic music artist based in Madrid.

He is also the man behind Mupa, a label created in order to support Schwartz‘s most personal feelings and concepts. Morese, he’s one of the founders of NET28 (Apnea, CMYKmusik, Cyclical Tracks and Mupa).

CONCEPT indeed is the most important matter in his universe: images, ideas and sensations give shape to his concept, and he uses the music as the courier of that message – because music, just like water, fills everything in its flow.

Schwartz delivers music with soul: music that in our mind is revealed like a being which thinks and mutates by itself. Raw sequences, samples out of the daily realm, strong patterns, frantic rhythms, innovation, inspiration…

His debut album, Party Lovers (NET28 CD3), was released on November 2008. It was a successful album that confirmed us Mr. Schwartz skills and talent in music.


Damian Schwartz @ RA


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