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BKI ltd :: Break New Soil

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1. Gregor Tresher
(dj set)

2. Karotte
(dj set)

3. Patrick Siech
(dj set)

4. Romano Alfieri, Marco Effe, Luca Bear
(dj set)

Welcome, Break New Soil Recordings !

Label run by Gregor Tresher.”

Berlin Kreuzberg Institut is honoured to present you three exclusive DJ sets by BNS artists Gregor Tresher, Karotte, Romano Alfieri & Marco Effe & Luca Bear.
Check and enjoy the BNW Catalogue!

Break New Soil Recordings @ RA

Break New Soil Recordings @ Discogs


Welcome, Gregor Tresher!

In the field of electronic music, Gregor Tresher is by no means a debutant. For more than ten years, the thirty-four-year old DJ and producer from Frankfurt gathered merits modernizing the algorithms of electronic music. It has been his “Still EP“ in 2004 that upgraded him into the “Champions League” of European Techno producers. After many highlight releases like “Neon“, “Full Range Madness“, “The Wombat“ or “The Now People“ on labels like Intacto, Cocoon, Great Stuff or Rebel One, it was his eagerly-awaited debut album “A Thousand Nights“ that defined the state of the art of his electronic dance music in 2008, its’ titletrack being the year´s best selling Techno song on Beatport, which helped him being awarded high rankings in their yearly reader´s polls over the past 5 years by readers of German magazines Groove and Raveline.

Gregor’s musical roots have always been electronic music. With his project Sniper Mode, he tried to achieve an aesthetic development of the motorbeat from the beginning, releasing two critically-acclaimed artist albums on Frankfurt’s electronica label Elektrolux. But it had mainly been his releases under his real name for Anthony Rother’s Datapunk Recordings, his remix for Sven Väth’s “Komm“ and his contribution to Cocoon’s Compilation F (“Full Range Madness“) that introduced Gregor to a wider audience.

Gregor has been a DJ since the early nineties, long before he even knew how to produce music – his career as a producer has been underlined and heavily inspired by gigs in the prime clubs worldwide: from London to Barcelona, from Sao Paulo to Toronto, from Moscow to Istanbul, from Paris to New York.

“To play anything from deep Tech-House to Techno in one set and present it in an exciting voyage is what modern DJ-ing means to me.” (Gregor Tresher, 2004)
However, Techno has never been a fixed category for his production and DJ-ing, but more of an open reference-system between past, present and future of electronic music. “With musical roots ranging from New Wave classics by New Order or Anne Clarke over the German Techno-Explosion in the early nineties to my personal discovery of classic Detroit Techno and House not so long ago, I see my own musical direction in constant development.“

In 2008 (besides producing Monika Kruse’s artist album „Changes Of Perception“) Gregor’s new releases „Break New Soil“ on the Leipzig based label Moon Harbour Records and his Remix for Dubfire´s Label Sci+Tec already showcased new facets in Gregor’s sound, and 2009 became another important year: besides releasing on Josh Wink’s prestigious Ovum Recordings („95 Days / The Joker“, March 2009), Gregor started his very own label Break New Soil Recordings. With the first release „The Heartbeat Orchestra“ Gregor underlined his versatility as an artist, presenting two raw and massive songs that were highly praised by the press („Another paradigm of Gregor´s talent of creating epic Technotracks with enigmatic harmonies to make them true anthems of the night.“, Groove, #117) - but were only a foretaste to his second album “The Life Wire”, which was released in late summer 2009 and once more showcased new exciting changes in the development of Gregor Tresher´s very own sound, that became a quality trademark in the world of electronic music.


Gregor Tresher Official

Gregor Tresher @ Facebook

Gregor Tresher @ RA

Gregor Tresher @ Soundcloud


Welcome, Karotte !

Official bio:

“Here today, gone tomorrow. A phrase truly befitting the modern club scene. Because the dance hit of today can quickly become the long forgotten melody of yesterday.
The name of the artist of the moment is permanently blasted on the radio, shown TV and omnipresent in every musically related magazine, in other words, simply everywhere.
One starts to wonder: where does this guy come from? How come I haven`t heard of him before? And first and foremost: Does he even know how to spin a record?
All justified inquests, because this so called breakthrough artist must have somewhat of a past, you might suppose. But these Johnny-come-lately frequently can`t differentiate a record from a pizza funghi and their DJ-sets are consequently not really an eye- or ear-opener. The aftereffect: The crowd is disappointed by the self-proclaimed rising star. Expectations and reality don`t correspond one bit.
Then again there are DJs that started playing records way before they set foot in a studio. Handicraftsmen that build their entire career on their unique ability to electrify an audience with their skills behind the turntables. This road is surely longer and harder, but at the same time guarantees a lifelong loyal fan base centered around you.
Peter Cornely aka Karotte, born 1969 in Saarbrücken, is a prime example for such a phenomenon. Over the last two decades the German entertainer has worked himself to the top. Not necessarily as a producer, but as a worldwide revered DJ.
Achieving this distinguished position by purely giving 100% each and every night at clubs all around the globe. His unparalleled blend of electronic music surely already separates him from the rest of the field, but his ability to motivate himself to go to the absolute limit all the time, exemplifies his standing as a truly outstanding DJ. His love for music can clearly be heard and seen, no other turntable-wizard lives his set the way Karotte does. His gigs are not just a better option for a wild night out in town, each set is special and an experience in itself. Residencies at numerous discos attest his one-of-a-kind status and value to the electronic scene. U60311 Frankfurt, Stammheim Kassel, Harry Klein Munich and nowadays Cocoon Club Frankfurt are just a few examples of this illustrious list of top notch hot spots.
If you would ask one the regular guests of each and every nightery Mr.Cornely has graced throughout his career, which DJ honestly shaped the sound of club, the answer would probably always be the same: Karotte. His open approach to all electronic genres (Minimal, Tech/House, Electro, Breakbeat…) have made him unpredictable and extremely influential to many young musicians out there. But clubs are not the only place where the root vegetable of all DJs can be heard. The radio-show “Karottes Kitchen” on Sunshine Live is more than just your typical “guy playing records all night long” show. Peter invites other befriended colleagues on air and together they discuss groundbreaking issues such as birds, cars and the latest local gossip. His charm and personality are what make the program special and entertaining, it is not just about the music but also about the people who stop by for a short or sometimes longer chitchat.
Enough of the DJ Karotte, let us talk about the producer Karotte. Over the last few years the Cocoon resident has put the finishing touches on his recent tracks. The renowned artist Gregor Tresher is his latest studio partner. Together they have released “Tronic” and “Storytelling” on Great Stuff Records. Both numbers getting massive support from internationally acclaimed disc jockeys: James Zabiela, Toni Rios, Paul Woolford, Mason, Monika Kruse, Darren Emerson…are all huge fans of their latest output. Peter`s unequalled taste in music clearly reflects in his first Great Stuff 12inch. Eschewing from all contemporary trends and styles, Karottte manages to fill the void between Tech/House, Trance and Acid. But being the workaholic that he is, the long haired mix-master already has the next killer LP up his sleeve.
Here today, here tomorrow, a phrase which perfectly mirrors Karotte`s past, present and future. Event if Peter Cornely should land a number one hit in the dance charts, you would still have to admit that he is a better DJ than the rest of the pack. The prior expectations are surpassed and reality slowly sinks in: Damn, this guy is good!”


Karotte Official

Karotte @ RA

Karotte @ Facebook


Welcome, Patrick Siech !

Official bio:

One of the latest talents to emerge from the prominent Swedish techno scene, is Patrick Siech. As a die hard club promotor and DJ, he’s been rocking the regions of Southern Sweden with quality techno for many years – Now, with his 12″ release on Adam Beyer’s long running techno mainstay Drumcode, he’s joining a prosperous stable of producers already hosting his fellow Swedish countrymen Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebusch, Joel Mull, Jesper Dahlbäck, Nihad Tule, Nima Khak and Agaric to name a few.

His EP “Crude” on Drumcode received massive support from the worlds biggest names in techno, peaked at #6 at the Beatport techno chart, and even got into the prestigious Resident Advisor “Top 50 charted tracks”. With his EP and remixes on both Gregor Tresher’s A-class imprint Break New Soil and Sianʼs Octopus records gaining support among all the big players, and with upcoming releases on Drumcode and Truesoul, this young producer sure is a name to watch out for!

With a preference for dubby synth landscapes his track selection spans between the darker sides of monotonous techno, and hypnotic driving conga grooves. As a thoughtful and often groove-focused setbuilder, Patricks skills lay in his ability to span between warmup sets for some of the highest acclaimed DJs in the world, as well as delivering peaktime madness at underground basement clubs, and after-hours festival sets outside at the time of sunrise. All within the realms of techno – Deep yet driving. Cold yet soulful.


Patrick Siech Official

Patrick Siech @ Soundcloud

Patrick Siech @ Facebook


Welcome, Romano Alfieri & Marco Effe & Luca Bear !

Official bio Romano Alfieri:

Romano Alfieri was born in Pisa in the 28. 05. 1982. He began his career in the early part of new millenium in Tuscany, where he had the opportunity to play with internationally renowned guests and on important events such as Cocoon and Minus nights. From season 2007 / 2008 he became the most important resident dj of Re:flex Club (Pisa). In those years he started to produce electronic music and in December 2009 he releases “Moved To Love Ep”, one of the biggest dancefloor destroyers of the winter season on Break New Soil. His productions are now played and appreciated by the best techno djs in the world. In 2010 he released many eps and remixes on the best European labels including: Break New Soil, Strictly Chosen, All Inn Limited, Bla Bla, International Freakshow, Kling Klong, Great Stuff, Big City Beats and many others. Thanks to the success of his work, he won “Elettrowave Italy”, a historical competition for new talents. Thanks to his perseverance he became part of “Family Affairs booking agency” that gave to him the possibility to play in important clubs like Studio 80 (Amsterdam) (ADE 2010), Cocoon Club (Frankfurt), Sankeys (Manchester) and many others across the Europe. His Dj-sets are characterized by influences ranging from funky, to house until more electronic and techno influences.

Official bio Marco Effe:

Born and raised in Livorno in 1985, Marco Effe is considered to be one of the most promising Italian talents. In just such a short time, thanks to his record productions that are always supported worldwide by the best artists in the clubbing scene, he succeeds in affirming himself straigt to the sector of the international major’s level. Studio partner’s and his friends are Ilario Alicante and Romano Alfieri, he began to compose his own music in 2007 and immediately the desire grew in him to publish his first release.. “Wet June ep” followed and was released in November 2008, receiving a lot of recognition.

From that moment on his activity subsequently intensified and Marco had the opportunity to work together with an established label such as Big City Beats (Frankfurt). Hungry for more, Marco did it again touching the spirit of the time, as he released “Malaysia / Muar ep” (one of his ep’s numerously played by Richie Hawtin in 2010) on Break New Soil.

This allowed him create a close collaboration which brought him to join the Dj booking agency “Family Affairs” and work together with some of the most famous & high-ranking international artists of today. In spring 2010 he returns with a new release on the album “Cécille Italy”. His track is called “Janet” and expresses 100% of his unmistakable House / Tec style, edged by an elegant sonority which is also to find on his “From Kalida To Hyden ep” published on Dubfire’s brilliant Label Sci+Tec.

Thanks to his accurate technique, he keeps his dj sets unique, always succeeding in conquering the crowd, amusing and delightfully presenting his style in the best clubs & festivals the electronic music scene has to offer.

Official bio Luca Bear:

Luca Orsini aka Luca Bear, dj & producer, was born in Pisa in 1985. The first approach to vinyl comes at the age of 14 years.

In 2006 he had the opportunity to be resident at Re:flex Club In Pisa, one of the most important electronic clubs in Italy. Here, Luca Bear played with international artists like Karotte, Troy Pierce, 2000 and One, Joris Voorn, Ilario Alicante, Alex Neri, Barem, Marc Houle and many others.. Luca Bear’s dj set and productions reflect an eclettic and positive style that goes from House to Dub and Techno music.

In December 2009, with his productions partner Romano Alfieri, he release on Break New Soil the track ”Love U”, Its one of the biggest dancefloor destroyers of the winter season supported and played by all the big djs like Reboot, Boris Werner, Nick Curly, Matt Star, Nic Fanciulli and many others. 2010 starts with the new killer releases on Viva Music, Robsoul, Level non Zero, Bla Bla and others…


Romano Alfieri @ RA

Marco Effe @ RA

Luca Bear @ RA


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