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The Punchi EP

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1. 1 (one)

2. Punchi Punchi

3. Punchi Punchi (ANTONIO OLIVIERI Remix)

4. Punchi Yellow (Daft Punchi Edit)

Label : 0001
Cat-Nr : 0001-02
Release Date : 2012-03-19

„The Punchi EP“ marks the final chapter of an experiment: Robosonics‘ surprising answer to the rise of digital DJing and the decline of vinyl culture was to present another physical item that would keep a profound connection to their supporters. Alongside the „Punchi Punchi Mixtape“ in 2011 the amiable terry towelling scarf named Punchi went public.
On stage Cord and Sacha sweat passionately. So they said goodbye to their old yellow value-pack gig towels and embraced this welcome change from dusty record players and the usual t-shirt merch, which made the Punchi so popular with fans and the most up-for-it dancers. The Punchi is basically a fresh companion in heated situations. A scarf that is a towel. A towel that also is a scarf.. be it on the dancefloor, in the street or at the beach – the Punchi is an essential accessory not only for those who play records. No sweat! (www.punchi.de)

Now that it is time to say farewell to the first run of 1000 ltd. edition Punchis (in V.01 „night black“ and V.02 „robosonic yellow“) as all of them have been sold or given away to friends, fans or promoters, Robosonic drop an EP dedicated to the Punchi on their own imprint 0001.

„1“ was originally produced for BELLA BERLIN, the one and only living disco ball, who is bordering science fiction, art and the dancefloor with her magical live performances.
„Punchi Punchi“ is a beautiful and quite soft cut that will leave you with a warm feeling in your soul.
ANTONIO OLIVIERI – a smart producer from Italy based in Berlin – contributed his own sunny version of this Punchi theme. Make sure you don’t miss out his delicious liveacts which he prefers to perform outdoors under a sunny sky!
And finally, „Punchi Yellow“ is another colorful piece – an edit which recalls emotional moments of physical exhaustion, as is often the case at the end of a long Robosonic set. The edit contains slices of DAFT PUNK‘s composition for the „Tron“ soundtrack – big shout out to the robot colleagues! 
The „Punchi Yellow“ edit is made available for free download from the Robosonic Soundcloud.

Additionally, check out the official video for „Punchi Punchi“, which was directed by Pol Ponsarnau who shot a corny and bizarre lovestory starring Leila Lowfire and Abbas Saberi. 
(Premiere with party: 17.02.2012 Punchi Dreams @ KTV, Berlin)