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CORD :: Heart Ship Home

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With his original productions “Heartships” and “Home” framing this mix composition, CORD defines a spectrum of HipHop-infused electronica, minimalist songwriting and beat science. In contrast to his other recent teamworks (like ROBOSONIC‘s mixalbum “Sweet and Nuts” & “Worst Love EP” for OFF Recordings, or C&Gs “Hypnotize HypHop”) this collection doesn’t aim at the dancefloor at all.
Instead, these 80 minutes are made for sofa low riding, day-long bus trips, focussed work, sweet solitude, love making…you name it!

vinyl records & turntables, music files in various qualities and from different sources, synths, NI Maschine, Ableton Live, controller, cassettes, binaural field recordings, smartphone, accordion.

inspiring artists like Dimlite, Prefuse73, Samiyam, Sina, Teebs, Paul White, Evian Christ, Mount Kimbie, Philip Jeck, Lapalux and many more…

Project:Mooncircle, Pampa, Brainfeeder, Alpha Pup, All City Dublin, Stones Throw, Hotflush, Warp, Ghostly International…

The interactive PDF-infoartwork includes the full tracklist, photography and further links!


Cord Henning Labuhn was born in 1984, became acquainted with various musical instruments and computers during childhood. In his youth he began DJing and since the age of 18 he is releasing his own music as records, MP3s and CDs in genres including hiphop, house and techno. As a student of sociology and musicology at Berlin’s Humboldt University Cord worked on projects researching not only the practical but also the theoretical aspects of topics such as groove, hiphop and DJ culture. His studies on the digital future of DJing and its cultural conflicts are published in academic books and via open source.

Since 2006 Cord has been bringing open-minded electronic dance music to an international audience through numerous releases and countless performances as one half of the Berlin-based production and DJ duo ROBOSONIC.

With his DJ friend and mentor GAUCHO Cord released a series of records under the name of BROKEN BOOTLEGS around 2005. Years later they sat down again – this time cutting up bass music with a minimalist hypnotic rave approach and referring to it as „HypHop“.

Another recent creation is PUNCHI (www.punchi.de), a multifunctional towelling scarf for sport, dancing and common wellness. No sweat.