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Running 5 to 8 September 2012, the 4-day ICAS SUITE BERLIN – a project by CTM, part of the 3rd Berlin Music Week – sees ICAS network member organizations join forces to test new collaborations and projects in concerts and club nights at various venues, involving some of the most exciting artists in their networks.

Cimatics presents the Vlek Label Night and Beatsurfing Workshop in collaboration with the Berlin Kreuzberg Institut. This cooperation is aimed to explore and strengthen the tights between the Belgian creativity and Berlin based artists and structures in the field of music & digital arts.

The Berlin Kreuzberg Institut is a network discovering and supporting electronic music talent from Berlin and abroad in form of quality podcasts.

Fresh Meat, the brains behind the BERLIN MITTE INSTITUT – a mixed media platform (blog & webTV) for advanced electronic music culture – contributes with a DJ set.

Fresh Meat (BMI, DE – dj-set)
Ssaliva (VLEK, BE – live)
Sagat (VLEK, BE – live)
Cupp Cave (VLEK – live)
Cord (PUNCHI/ BKI, DE – dj-set)


Fresh Meat is a Berlin based DJ, web/radio activist, sociologist and tireless networker. His DJ-sets span from house and techno to breakbeats and chillout, and always feature a fine balance between dancefloor enthusiasm and musical depth. In 2006 he founded the “Berlin Mitte Institut für bessere elektronische Musik”, a web-based TV and radio station revolving around electronic music culture in Berlin and abroad.

Releasing primarily on Belgian labels Vlek Recordings and Surf Kill as well as L.A’s Leaving Records, Franz Baker’s musical world as Ssaliva explores the realm of the beatless and atmospheric, creating an ethereal sonic world inhabited by ideas which take their full potential when experienced live. It’s as experimental as anything this flexible artist has done under any of his other names (Cupp Cave, Sagat, Squeaky Lobster), yet to simply label it as such would be underselling its potential.

One of the latest acts signed to the Belgian VLEK label, Sagat plays an uncompromising brand of live techno, and is already meeting with success, including a track from his debut 12” to be featured in upcoming feature in a compilation mixed by no other than Ben Klock.

Sagat’s debut 12” has equally garnered positive reviews, including a good overview from Resident Advisor: “’Few Mysteries…’ and ‘Speaking of Which’ owe a debt to the slow-burn pulse of Mark Ernestus; the industrial static of the latter, in particular, is a serviceable Basic Channel impression. ’Spelt Backwards’ is altogether less coy about its dance floor credentials, but it too rides a rather reserved groove, pacified by a synth that squirms and squelches over an otherwise insistent bassline. It’s left to assume the responsibility of peak time banger by way of its cavernous, Grand Canyon-sized kicks, though—funnily enough—the skeletal xylophone riff tempers that aspiration as well. Yes, it may be one of the most straightforward releases Vlek have put out, but it’s also one of their most enjoyable to date.” (Ray Philips, RA)

Unleashing the sort of disjointed hip hop one might first associate with weed-smoking, sun-soaking L.A residents, Cupp Cave’s “Garbage Pail Beats” album (unrest, 2008) demonstrates that life still remains in that beautiful middle ground between hip hop and electronic music, where glitches and record clicks enjoy a nice drink with 8-bit melodies and face-melting snares.

A prolific artist releasing under several different names (Ssaliva, Sagat, Squeaky Lobster) Cave further defined his vision of hip hop as part of Bretzel Zoo, with releases on the Dutch label Eat Concrete. Soon after, Cupp Cave’s music took a different turn, increasing in bpm and ditching the hip hop influences for rave memorabilia. His “Dice Pool EP” for Belgian label Vlek Recordings set a new tone, one that looked firmly at the dancefloor while still leaving plenty of space for imagination and inward, headphone-induced journeys.

CORD (BKI / Punchi)
Cord Henning Labuhn was born in 1984, became acquainted with various musical instruments and computers during childhood. In his youth he began DJing and since the age of 18 he is releasing his own music as records, MP3s and CDs in genres including hiphop, house and techno. As a student of sociology and musicology at Berlin’s Humboldt University Cord worked on projects researching not only the practical but also the theoretical aspects of topics such as groove, hiphop and DJ culture. His studies on the digital future of DJing and its cultural conflicts are published in academic books and via open source.

Since 2006 Cord has been bringing open-minded electronic dance music to an international audience through numerous releases and countless performances as one half of the Berlin-based production and DJ duo ROBOSONIC. From 2009 onward, they have been building and curating the podcast platform „Berlin Kreuzberg Institut”.


BUY TICKETS: http://www.ctm-festival.de/icas-suite/tickets.html

Workshop with Hermutt Lobby (BE)

Where: Noisy Music World
When: 11:00 am

Beatsurfing is a MIDI controller builder – developed by artist collective Herrmutt Lobby & Yaniv De Ridder and released by the Belgian VLEK label – that lets you draw your own controllers, map & edit them in-app, and bring them to life in a unique surfing movement. This Application lets you to draw a 3-dimensional controller which you can use, like any other, by tapping. But Beatsurfing allows more: you design your own paths until they suit you, follow routes, take turns and cuts with your fingers and collide with objects along the way, triggering melody, beats, effects. Movement is what it’s all about. It can control any MIDI-enabled device (Software, Hardware, or even other iPad apps), features a very intuitive in-app editing system and integrates seemlessly in any existing Studio or Live setup. Behaviours can be set to link objects together and multiply the available commands on the surface of the iPad.

The workshop participants will be introduced to the concept of Beatsurfing and build and try-out their own music scenes. Participants need to bring their iPad with the Beatsurfing application installed, a MIDI-enabled ’slave’ device (laptop with a MIDI-enabled DAW installed, MIDI Hardware, other Apps installed…), and headphones. Duration about 2,5h.

This workshop is organized by Cimatics (Brussels) and hosted by All together Now (Berlin) within their #a2n_werkstatt during Berlin Music Week.

Hailing from the notorious 4800, the Herrmutt Lobby is composed of nerds extraordinaire Kadah/Vresky, Back & Forth, Chantal Goret and DJ Swiffer. Voluntarily sequestered in the Merlin HQ [and other dubious locations of ill repute], for days on end, without any contact with the outside world or so much as the time of day, Herrmutt Lobby are essentially these massive electronic jam sessions, selected, filtered and arranged for your optimal listening pleasure. The next step is to take these sounds out of the comforting environment of smoky, dim light bedrooms, and into the spotlight, onto the stage, in front of an audience. They drink their coffee black, short, no sugar.


Complete programme: http://www.facebook.com/events/267040713406354